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Distorting the body’s electromagnetic field can cause big problems in both the physical and emotional body and the guiltiest culprits are EMF’s from outside our bodies. Electromagnetic Fields can cause “Electro Hyper Sensitivity” now known as EHS. We do not yet fully understand why some people are more sensitive to electromagnetic fields than others.

High Prana/life force in the body creates a stronger bioelectromagnetic field. Low Prana/life force in the body weakens the bioelectromagnetic field. Because these frequencies work with magnetism, keeping your body with high Prana/ life force will keep EHS, Electro Hyper Sensitivity less likely. Strong healthy magnetic fields attract other strong healthy magnetic fields and weak low Prana magnetic fields attract other weak and low Prana magnetic fields.


There are literally hundreds of studies worldwide show that exposure to EMF’s can be directly linked to:
• Lowered resistance to viral and bacterial infections and overall low immunity.
• Chronic fatigue
• Can’t sleep through the night
• Can’t fall asleep
• Can’t stay asleep
• Low concentration
• Poor memory
• Migraine headaches
• Agitation, Irritability/ behavioural changes
• Low Prana/ libido
• Behavioural changes /General disturbance in your energetic expression
• Altered cell growth, cell mutations

Sited from Kathryn Wilson, ND, MI, QBS, BS Psy, an expert in EMF research.
Chronic exposure to EMFs can affect adrenal, pituitary and pineal gland function, serotonin production and serotonin receptors. Cortisol increases serum glucose levels. As a result of the cortisol influence on liver glycogen more glucose is released into the bloodstream and inhibits the effects of insulin. This predisposes the person to a diabetic serum glucose values and the pancreatic islets decreased insulin secretion by exposures to EMFs while also increasing serum glucose levels. This can cause mood swings, depression, insomnia, decrease memory and memory functions.”


1. Anything with a high voltage
Power outlets, lamps, wiring and power bars, hair dryers, baby monitors, microwaves/appliances and especially refrigerators

2. Magnetic fields
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has labeled magnetic fields a class 3 carcinogen (Other examples of these are asbestos and gasoline) These fields can occur when there is an imbalance in the electrical wiring, and around electrical motors such as the motor in your refrigerator. A major source of magnetic fields is next to the main power meter for your house. You definitely want to avoid sleeping up against a wall that has a power meter on the outside. Electric clock radios can also generate magnetic fields.

3. Power lines, whether above- or underground.

4. Wireless communications
This includes wireless power meters, cell phones, cell towers, wireless routers, and cordless phones. Most of these types of technologies expose you to both electric- and magnetic fields.

• Cellphone towers
• Cellphones
• Wi-Fi modems
• Power cords
• Smart Meters
• Cordless Phones