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Nasya is an Ayurvedic detoxification treatment for purification of the head. This is done through administering a few drops of medicated oil know as Nasya oil into the nasal cavity.

Nasya is one of the five classical detox practices in Ayurveda known as Pancha Karma and is used principally to clear congestion and accumulated toxins from the head, chest and neck region.

Ayurveda teaches that the nasal passage is the hallway to the brain, consciousness and the pathway to our inner pharmacy. Therefore, Medicated oils administered through the nasal passages directly affect the mind and nervous system. This same idea is the basis of aromatherapy and the usage of essential oils on the limbic system of the brain.


Nasya is traditionally used to treat Kapha imbalances such as lethargy, slow thinking, excess phlegm, head congestion and dulled senses.

Some other common usages are

  • Brain tonic
  • Fortifying and cleansing to all 5 senses organs
  • Boosts immunity via our cervical lymph system
  • Allergy relief
  • Deepens the breath bringing in more oxygen to the brain
  • Protects against re-circulated air
  • Compliment to Pranayama and or meditation
  • Soothes dry nostrils
  • Tobacco addiction

Regular treatments of this oil can also assist with sinus problems, headaches, depression, addiction, lack of enthusiasm and third eye opening. For yogis, it is a perfect compliment to a Pranayama practice.


After learning this how to administer the Nasya treatment in India, I brought many bottles of Nasya oil back from Kerala, India to Lima, Peru to incorporate into my detox programmes and private practice. As is the case with many Ayurvedic formulas from India, the ingredient list was extensive and mysterious. Very soon after my return, I had the opportunity to work personally with a Tabaquero in the Amazon. 

Shamans of the Amazon who work specifically with Mapacho, a wild variety of Amazonian tobacco leaf, are known as Tabaqueros. The similarity between the Nasya treatment and the tobacco infusion was uncanny; the intensity of the cleanse and the sensation of relief throughout the entire head. This moment was my inspiration to create my own Nasya oil, with the powerful Amazonian Mapacho plant.

The tobacco plant bears many gifts, both symbolic and medicinal. Tabaqueros work with both the smoke and a tobacco infusion for purification, protection, and visions. It is an honour to work with this sacred plant and in an Ayurvedic context.


Ayurveda’s love of medicated oils runs deep and long. The name used for these historic botanical concoctions are Thailams. A thailam can have over 50 different plants in it and can take days, weeks, and even months to prepare. Oils act as the perfect carrier for the preservation and transportation of the healing molecules of the plants that are infused into them. A true thailam is very labour intensive and a true labour of love.


Although one can use Nasya oil on themselves, it is far more effective when administered by a practitioner as part of a complete treatment. The oils can have a fantastic purgative effect if done correctly, leaving the client extremely clear, open and refreshed.

Secondly, working with tobacco can be deeply transformative and therefore it is my desire to have this product in the hands of people who are already the facilitators of holistic healing. 


"I have a private practice specialising in herbal medicine andnutritional therapies in the Hamilton-Toronto area of Canada. I work with a variety of clientele that is interested in overcoming their health concerns using herbs and proper nutrition. I was first introduced to the Emily’s Amaveda Nasya oils in 2014. I found that with such a minute quantity, there could be a beautifully effective detox. I saw the clients that had smoked regularly remove much toxic waste from their bodies, in what seemed to be moments after taking in the oil. The quality of Emily’s oils are astonishing, and the attention to detail in the way she has perfected these oils shows in the results. In my own practice, I have seen this product physically remove phlegm, sinus congestion, Eustachian tube blockages, and symptoms of ‘mental fogginess and heaviness.’ The power of a few drops can mean a ‘bucketload’ of unnecessary congestion coming out of the body. Thank you so much, Emily for helping me bring this blend to my clients in Canada!" 

Jillian Wisborg
CNP Holistic Nutritionist
Planetary Herbalist
Clinical Iridologist


When you purchase this product you will receive three things

1.  1 x 5 ml glass bottle of Nasya oil, shipped worldwide. This is equal to approximately 120-150 drops of oil which can be used for up to 20-25 individual treatments.

2.  A link to the Nasya Treatment Training Package including

  • A downloadable pdf instruction sheet for several different types of treatments you can offer your clients
  • A list of treatment Q + A’s
  • Copy to help you promote the treatment as an addition to your practice as well as pricing suggestions. 

3.  A promotional code that will allow you to purchase any re-orders (without the training) for £24.00 per bottle, easily paid for from just one treatment. 

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