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Details of the Amaveda 7-day at-home detox program can be  FOUND HERE  

The at-home detox program is a weeklong commitment to radical self-care with a focus on daily self-cleansing practices and recipes that can be later incorporated into a daily wellness regimen and longevity routine. 

On a physiological level, by pro-actively encouraging the elimination of endotoxins (the toxins we make ourselves and store inside our body), we are promoting the upregulation of every single biological system to work towards homeostasis, where everything is in check and in balance, functioning as it should, keeping us WELL. This includes IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM FUNCTION, ENDOCRINE AND NERVOUS SYSTEM. 

On an energetic level, when we clean up our toxic load and release blockages from the body, we raise our vibration. When we raise our vibration, we are organically drawn to people, places and things with an equally high vibration. WELLBEING RESPONSATES HIGHT. 

Sound good?



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